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FW16 infant knits v1

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It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog or my website! That’s because I’ve been working on some test projects for a couple different people, and I need to either figure out what the approach is going to be (in the case of the fashion illustration, which I will revisit tomorrow) or I need to keep some things private as they may be purchased, I don’t know that I’ll get hired for a future project or even paid for this one. This is ok because I am working on expanding my skillset and proof thereof.

I have another board of cut & sew for girls & boys infant / toddler. I’ll keep that one aside until I know what’s going to happen with this potential client. In the meantime here’s a board to show how I work & some of my drawing & design capabilities. I started with the AngelDear product that is on their website now & made an update for next season. I pretty much matched their sweater silhouette, but I drew a new one for the cap update, the layered cable texture patterns, the aztec / fairisle texture & all the other details. This was fun for me!

When I started at my last job we had no design library and no trend service. Later on I found that even though I had access to StyleSight / WGSN textures and patterns, those I created myself always read better on the printed page. That’s not to say I haven’t used a few when under the gun to produce a huge design group. If you’ve got an entire planogram of 6-pair packs where four of the socks in each pack have patterns or placements, that’s a lot of art you’ve got to come up with, and usually really quickly.

It’s been really great to work on flats that are not simple socks and slippers, and also to be able to create freely, without regard for price point. That’s the joy in test projects and portfolio pieces.


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