Very quick lifestyle #sketches – people in coffee shops, #GestureDrawing #illustration

downstairs 2downstairs 1downstairs 3 from upstairs 1 from upstairs 2

I’ve been studying lately, and trying to think a storyline for my next storyboard. With that in mind I attended another 2-hour MeetUp with my favorite group last Sunday, “Coffee & Sketch“. It was in the Pearl at Sisters Coffee Company. (I love that part of town).

A lot of people in the group work from their imagination, and just show up for the company & social aspect of it, I suppose. I am working on that! But for the time being, when I arrive I’m looking for a subject to observe and sketch. I went upstairs at the beginning of the session, because I was interested in doing a “down shot”. I also thought it’d be a good reference gathering session for a potential lifestyle board. People of ALL income levels love coffee shops! And this is one of those hangout places.

I did a few sketches. It’s good practice. It’s so different from even doing gesture drawing in a figure modeling session, because all your subjects have not agreed to hold still for even a minute.

I also took a bunch of photos. One of the things I’ve realized I need to work on is character design. I decided I’d pick this one character, a lady who left before I started drawing, and develop a story around her. It doesn’t have to be complicated though, possibly just one finished illustration and 2 or 3 additional, less finished frames.


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