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An art post a day, 30-day DOD challenge! Day 13, “Pillows on a Table”


Drew a new, geometric pattern tile, merchandised it out in three color ways in a pillow silhouette, sitting atop a mocked-up table.

#GraphicIcons #Humor #Holiday

I’m constantly looking through my files to curate & publish, and I thought I might make a cheeky Mothers Day card tomorrow. In the process I’d found this! The heart would be some sort of patch, and paired, meaning on the outside of each leg only, wrapping around slightly. The bow would be gold sequins with a black mesh. All other details of the sock knit-in.


There’s no way we could’ve ever afforded to make a style like this at my last gig, but when I could actual schedule the time to play in design, I greatly enjoyed doing so.