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More fun with lines! #StationerySystem #pagelayout #letterhead #businesscards #envelope

Stationery system-01.jpgDid some map drawing for this one. PDF is viewable here.

Fun with lines! #StationerySystem #pagelayout #letterhead #businesscards #envelope

I’m making a bunch of these samples and I’m really enjoying it! Got my templates all laid out. I’m more interested in typography and graphic design lately. I can play with arranging things for hours.

Stationery system-01

You can check out the PDF here.

#StationerySystem #pagelayout #letterhead #businesscards #envelope

Here’s the latest one with some transparency effects. I’ve taken to creating a lot of the logo elements in Illustrator and then using Creative Cloud Libraries to pass over to InDesign. That’s the easiest way to keep design elements consistent through size changes, I’ve found.

I thought it might be easier to see the elements uploaded individually, rather than laid out on a page.



card front

Business Card, front


card back

Business Card, back