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This blog is now closed.

Due to the fact that there is no email option for 2-step authentication codes with unpaid WordPress blogs. To follow art, design, workouts & beloved Sir Henry exploits, please check out my instagram and (for now) my adobe portfolio.


One Drawing a Day, exercise 9, “A Child Could Do This”

exercise 9, crayons.jpeg

Worked on top of an older, non committal pen sketch. Since I started using this book & playing around with so many different types of media, I’ve been prone to doctoring up my older drawings. It’s a lot of fun (and they had nothing better to do). Next up is a bright marker sketch, but I won’t be able to stop at just one material, I’m sure.


Day 7 Still too cold to draw outside, #sketch

Day 7.JPG

Out the Office Window

Because Portland is the new New England, which is now having the moderate weather I was hoping to enjoy here, a 2nd time. Here’s hoping things improve! If they don’t I’m going to need more of a budget to escape the region at least one month, preferably two, per winter. One complicating factor & airfare increaser is I’d need to bring Sir Henry. He’s my Support Animal.