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One Drawing a Day, exercise 9, “A Child Could Do This” x3

Obviously I’m stuck in a Day 9 tangent! And I promise I’ll post a more finished piece next. I’m working on two pieces at the same time.

exercise 9, marker.jpeg


One Drawing a Day, exercise 9, “A Child Could Do This”

exercise 9, crayons.jpeg

Worked on top of an older, non committal pen sketch. Since I started using this book & playing around with so many different types of media, I’ve been prone to doctoring up my older drawings. It’s a lot of fun (and they had nothing better to do). Next up is a bright marker sketch, but I won’t be able to stop at just one material, I’m sure.


Day 7, Fun with Multi-Media

Day 7, Fun with Multi-Media.jpeg

I’m still going through my book, albeit slowly and sporadically. One of the funnest things about it is the instructions to use all these various media I’d never otherwise have played with. I’m realizing, these days, how little art school (RISD) actually encouraged PLAY, at least in my experience, many years ago.

Lately I’ve been coloring on old art or reference because I’m just playing with this media to see what kinds of marks and colors different things make, and reusing old, unfinished things reinforces the feeling  of a bold, carefree experiment. This drawing of my beloved apple tree is oil pastels (which are surprisingly stinky) on top of wash studies I did preparing for an illustration commission last year. I’d never used metallic & colored inks before (Windsor Newton) so I was testing them out. (I can’t believe I used a piece of Arches paper for that! lol.) I’ve never used pastels at all, never mind the oil version! New, new, new!!!