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Gabriel’s Sigil, #vectorgraphics #adobeillustrator

gabriel sigil-02.jpg


An art post a day, 30-day DOD challenge! Day 20 #FashionFlats #Print&Pattern


Today I will start a-NOTHER new challenge, but this time all new and mostly traditional media. Multi-media! Play time stuff. Therefore I have to schedule a bunch more of my remaining in this “show casing of skillset” group. I need to get it out of the way because I’m going to get busier.

An art post a day, 30-day DOD challenge! Day 17 #FashionFlat #PrintAndPattern


A throwback to 2007 and product development for HPD at Moret Group in NYC. I got all the interesting projects for years!  I’d get the prototype offer samples from the factories, draw the silhouette (flats) and create seamless repeats in available colors (at first) and from a palette I created and approved later on (once product was developed and selling).