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Sir Henry napping, 1.7.2017, 5min #sketch

Henry napping, 1.7.2017.jpeg

Cats make the worst models! First of all, the sound of the charcoal pencil, scratching softly on the paper, intrigues them. If you try to draw them when they’re alert and playful, they will want to “get” the pencil. If you try when they’re asleep, they’ll wake up, stare and probably change positions.

The joy of art supplies

I’m doing so many things in this new incarnation on the west coast. First of all the multi media experimentation. It’s exploding. And I can’t do anything with just one material anymore, even a 5-minute gesture drawing. Also I’d never used toned paper before. I love it! I got my first Strathmore Toned Tan pad in 9×12 for working at Hipbone.

I was trying to find one in 18×24 at the downtown Blick last week & struck out. [They also didn’t have the Viridian caesin back in stock after 2 or 3 weeks, and they don’t stock the outdoor easel I’d selected either.] I found a pad via Google shopping for only $13 at Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff. Sure there’s a $5 shipping on my order (which includes just 2 other items), but the cheapest thing I could find on Amazon was $40. Cheap Joe’s also stocks Maimeri paint! I’d found them via an ad in an art magazine, years ago, and used to buy their oils through my mid 20s, before I gave up the fine art, which is now “back”.

Greens, the color/s, not the kind you eat

There’s one thing I seem to be focusing on more in watercolor painting. I’ve got this fixation with Viridian. I’ve mentioned in the other blog, the one I’m usually chatty in, how I’m swimming in a sea of watercolor paint right now. I’d been stocking up the library, and then my sister found my Blick wish list. I’ve already gotten a duplicate set of the portrait set I bought this year. The landscape is coming when it’s back in stock.

Meanwhile I noticed that while I’d mostly phased out the student grade, I’m still using that quality in one of my favorite hues! Shocking. So I checked the components of the landscape set & Viridian isn’t included. Am I the only one who NEEDS this color? Viridian mixed with Burnt Umber is also my favorite “black”.

I ordered a tube of the Maimeri watercolor to see what I think. I’d been favoring Utrecht, but I’ll give this old favorite brand a chance.